some deets 

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Some commission fun! OMIGOSH look it’s humans this time!

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Secret preview of turtles. 

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Supa quick backgrounds

1 week ago

So here’s more app business…some backgrounds and just a few of the outfit choices!

Haha, the first one makes a LOT more sense with type on it. 

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A few designs I did for an upcoming app!  Do you think the arm positioning is genius? Hahaha

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Biplane character designs… believe it or not, there’s not a whole lot you can do with an old biplane in terms of FACES.  The client picked this one, but let’s just say eyeballs just stuck on there like a frog don’t work as well XD

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Oh yeah, this happened. It’s PIZZAZZ from Jem**** for sketchdailies on tweets. 

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Commission for a couple to be married! Best wishes to them!

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A quick rusty doodle. His brain doesn’t work, but we love him. He sits like a sphinx. The rock kind…

We’re thinking he might be a black angora breed? So he’s supposed to look like this:

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Flight Rising commissions round 3, PART 2. This is why I haven’t posted anything in a while 8I

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Dragon sketches! (well mostly) Flight Rising commissions round #3 PART 1. 

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These are going so much more quickly now that I have some sort of gameplan. 

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Redesigning our local swim team’s logo. Go tigersharks!

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Sketches from a swim meet

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